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Use Cases

VulnIQ is a general purpose solution and can be utilized for various use cases. It is designed to help anyone working on security issues, directly or indirectly.

Reducing personnel costs - You are paying people to "Google"

Your security personnel, system administrators, SOC analysts, security engineers, consultants, developers etc, are spending a lot of time "Googling for information", this is a huge invisible cost for any organization. You are paying people to Google, browse the web and waste time on twitter.

Improve inefficient and unproductive processes

Your employees run a Google search, get a "top hit" from a site that has not been updated for several years, or a site full of nonsense and get lost in the noise.

Your employees check one resource, missing ten others full of critical information.

Your employees follow people on twitter, subscribe to feeds etc to get updates/information. You cannot know if they are doing these properly. Is your security engineer following the right people on twitter or not, how can you know?

Several employees do the same things by themselves separately without any coordination or means to avoid repeated work.

- Ohh we are affected by CVE-2021-12345 let me Google this...
- Ohh this security guy says we need to fix x, let me Google this...
- I checked this site, which has not been maintained for more than 4 years but still the first hit on Google, so there is nothing to worry about...

Bring information to your isolated networks

Defense, military or similar highly sensitive environments have don't have internet access, but security personnel needs to stay up to date on security issues. To build a vulnerability intelligence solution for those environments, only the VulnIQ backend process needs internet access, it will collect the data and all collected information can be made available offline.

Preventing data leaks

Your personnel, system administrators, SOC analysts, security engineers, consultants, developers etc, are leaking a lot of information while browsing the internet, searching for security information.

For example, your employees visit a website which is operated/taken over by a threat actor, and read a page about CVE-2021-40444. This information gives a specific target to the threat actor and increases their chance to succeed.

This is how life looks like now.
Unorganized, chaotic and wasting a lot of money.
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