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Self Hosting Your VulnIQ Platform

  • You will receive VulnIQ installation packages and install and manage it yourself
  • We will help you install, configure, customize and maintain VulnIQ
  • Professional support
  • Maximum flexibility as you have the opportunity to use the architecture or services that work for you the best, e.g deploy on Azure, AWS etc.
VulnIQ installation automation can be found here Obtain your license and get VulnIQ up and running in minutes.
What's Included?
  • Deployed on your own servers (or any cloud service you like) by you, with our assistance.
  • Configure your own data sources. Add internal or external sources as you like. All configuration options at your disposal.
  • It is your own server, you can query as you like, as long as the server can handle.
  • A typical configuration includes:
    • Backend: Collects and processes data. A java application, supports openjdk (no Oracle java requirements).
    • Elasticsearch: Apache 2 licensed, open source software version, no additional licenses required.
    • Mysql: Main database.
    • Memcached: Free and open source caching server, used for caching some data and statistics.
    • Apache httpd, PHP
    • Nodejs, expressjs and puppeteer based screenshot generation component (requires Docker)
    • All components will be made available as docker images.
      You can also use your existing database or elasticsearch services. For example you can configure VulnIQ to use AWS rdbms or elasticsearch services.
  • Standard support included in the monthly fee:
    • Email support: 5 days, 12 hours (8am - 8pm UTC).
    • Initial analysis in 12 hours, root cause analysis in 2 days and fix in 7days. As long as all necessary information is provided in a timely manner by the customer and the problem is caused by VulnIQ software or a configuration provided by VulnIQ, and as long as a fix is possible. For example if NVD stops providing feeds there won't be a fix for it.
    • At least one update will be released per month. Bug fixes may be released more often when necessary.
    Additional support options, e.g phone support, 7x24 etc can be negotiated.
Contact us at
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