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VulnIQ as a Managed Service

  • We will create and manage a private instance of VulnIQ for you
  • We will assist you to configure, customize and administer VulnIQ or take care of everything for you
  • Professional support
  • Not multi-tenant! A dedicated private instance
What's Included?
  • Installed, monitored, updated, supported by us, for you on a single private server. You will not need to do any system administration or maintenance.
  • You can configure your own data sources, add internal or external sources as you like. It's your instance, all configuration options will be at your disposal. We will help you with all configuration tasks and we will take care of them for you if you like.
  • The fee includes a Digital Ocean droplet with the following specs which is more than enough for most customers( runs on a smaller machine). 32 GB memory, 8 vCPUs, 640 GB disk, 6 TB transfer (or equivalent)
  • You can chose to use external services for some components, e.g Amazon elasticsearch service instead of a local elasticsearch instance or an external mysql database instead of a local one. Fees for external services are NOT included in the monthly fee and you will have to pay for external services yourself.
  • Pay as you go, cancel anytime, no long term commitments.
  • Unlimited users. No rate limiting (except those that might be imposed by hosting or external service providers). It is your own server, you can query as you like, as long as the server can handle.
  • We are going to install and update all software. You will always have the latest updates installed.
    We will do the monitoring and make sure that everything works.
  • Support overview
    • You should not need to worry about maintenance, or server problems we will already be monitoring and silently fixing them but just in case you have questions or issues.
    • Email support: 5 days, 12 hours (8am - 8pm UTC).
    • Initial analysis in 12 hours, root cause analysis in 2 days and fix in 7days. As long as all necessary information is provided in a timely manner by the customer and the problem is caused by VulnIQ software or a configuration provided by VulnIQ, and as long as a fix is possible. For example if NVD stops providing feeds there won't be a fix for it.
    • Additional support options, e.g phone support, 7x24 etc can be negotiated.
Contact us at
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