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VulnIQ Vulnerability Manager

You can use VulnIQ Vulnerability Manager to manage your operating system and software inventory and security vulnerabilities. VulnIQ Vulnerability Manager can import and process data collected by VulnIQ Security Scanner and third party scanners like Nessus and NMAP.

VulnIQ Vulnerability Manager is a web application built using an API first approach like all VulnIQ products.


Operating system inventory
Browsable list of all discovered operating systems and versions, automatically created from processed data.
Software inventory
Automatically created from processed data. Browsable by software packages and versions. You can instantly see exact versions of a software, for example Apache web server, in your inventory.
All scan data, pushed by Terzi or imported third party scan results.
Vulnerability inventory automatically generated from processed data, enhanced with data from VulnIQ Information Engine, always providing you with up to date vulnerability information, not stale data.
Assign and track tasks and remediation actions. Fully integrated with major third party task management platforms such as Jira. We will not force you to use "another system to manage the same things".
Other System Information
IP addresses, MAC addresses, hostnames and more.

API First Architecture

Like all VulnIQ products, VulnIQ Vulnerability Manager is built using an API first approach. All data is made available over APIs which opens up many integration opportunities.
Data stored in VulnIQ is not intended to remain isolated from the rest of the world, in its own silo.

You don't even need to use the VulnIQ Vulnerability Manager for most tasks, for example if you already have a system for managing remediation tasks, you can integrate VulnIQ APIs into that system and continue using your existing system without using VulnIQ UIs.

Data Collected By VulnIQ Security Scanner, Terzi

Terzi can automatically push collected data to your VulnIQ server by calling VulnIQ Vulnerability Manager APIs. All data will be automatically processed and stored by VulnIQ Vulnerability Manager.

Operating system, software and vulnerability inventories are automatically created from data collected by Terzi.

Data Collected By Third Party Tools

You can import scan results from third party tools, such as NMAP and Nessus, and use VulnIQ Vulnerability Manager to view scan results, enhanced with live data from VulnIQ Information Engine.
Imported data will be automatically correlated with data collected by Terzi to allow you to easily switch between data collected by different tools.

VulnIQ Vulnerability Manager provides a centralized repository of security scan data, even if they come from different scanners.

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