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Use Cases For System Administrators

As a system administrator you are often requested to apply "fixes" for security issues. It's hard to work with security people, who doesn't speak the same language as you but speak a strange, foreign "security" language.

Your involvement usually starts with being assigned a ticket or being invited to a meeting. The issue description is usually vague and does not contain any details. Security people just keep saying that this needs to be fixed. No one really knows about potential side effects or how the fix should be applied.

Your options are either applying the fix and hoping that it will work or gathering more information about the issue before applying the fix. You are either going to risk breaking things or risk getting hacked while you investigate or simply be the bottleneck.

How can VulnIQ help you?

Using VulnIQ you will be able to easily access all relevant information, including vendor advisories, tweets, internal discussions. VulnIQ will help you save time.

VulnIQ will also let you add notes, tags to issues (like CVE entries or similar) so when security people get the same issue reported again, they will have some additional information before they come knocking on your door.
If it was a false positive that can never affect your systems, you can mark the issue as false positive and ensure that it's ignored the next time.

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