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Use Cases For Security Analysts/Engineers

As a security analyst/engineer, you are typically expected to :

Assume that you are working as a security analyst for a large enterprise and you have received a report from a vulnerability scanner or a third party service. You need to evaluate the findings, and make decisions as to how each issue needs to be handled. And, as usual, you have a limited amount of time to work on each issue.

You need to figure out if an issue is important, if it was reported before, if you are actually affected or not, what people are talking about it on Twitter etc.

Your success depends on your access to information. Without access to accurate, up to date and complete information you may take incorrect actions, reach invalid conclusions, make bad decisions. Or you may not be able to act in a timely manner and fail.

How can VulnIQ help you?

Automation will help you access up to date, accurate and complete information. VulnIQ will monitor, collect and process data for you and provide you with a single source of information. VulnIQ will allow you to add notes to issues, add custom tags to them to make life easier for you.
You can integrate VulnIQ APIs with your other systems and improve your processes.
When running your own private instances, you can feed data from internal systems into VulnIQ and add data from your internal systems to the picture too.

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