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Use Cases For Developers

Developers are typically not security experts and when they are asked to handle a reported security issue they will usually need some help. The security jargon is quite different from the developer jargon and security issue reports rarely contain adequate details.

A typical issue where VulnIQ can help immensely is handling security issues in third party software components like libraries, frameworks used by the development team. When the security team reports an issue in a dependency used in your project you need to find the issue report, review third party developer tickets, review code changes and decide if you can/should apply an update. This is a time consuming process by itself.

How can VulnIQ help you?

Using VulnIQ you will be able to easily access all relevant information, including vendor advisories, tweets, internal discussions, git commits. You will not lose time trying to find relevant information.

VulnIQ will also let you add notes, tags to issues (like CVE entries or similar) so when the same issue is reported again, you will have some additional information.
If it was a false positive that can never affect your systems, you can mark the issue as false positive and ensure that it's ignored the next time.

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