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Use Cases For Security Consultants

As a security consultant, a penetration tester or any other security specialists working in a consultancy role, your success completely depends on the quality of your services and advices.
Providing incorrect advice, failing to warn customers about important issues, missing significant details may lead to negative consequences for your business. You need to make sure that you are providing the best service possible but at the same time you need to remain competitive. You need to complete assignments in a timely manner otherwise you will lose customers.

Providing customers with accurate and timely advice

As a security consultant you provide customers with advice which has to be accurate. And to be able to ensure that you are providing the correct advice you first need to have access to all relevant information.
If you only rely on your Googling skills to gather information, you can easily miss important information and your advice may be based on incomplete information. Even if you managed to find all relevant information it would take a very long time to review and filter out information which would reduce your success rate and competitiveness.
Customers would prefer a consultant who can handle 10 issues per day to a consultant who can handle 5 issues in the same time period.

Meeting deadlines

Missing deadlines or not being able to deliver on time lead to customer dissatisfaction which will eventually lead to financial losses for your business.
You don't want your report to be incomplete, you don't want to miss anything but it's taking too long, because you want to review 10 different sources before reaching conclusions. You go to each one of them, use the site search function to locate relevant information etc. The whole process is manual, time consuming and error prone.

Increasing profits and remaining competitive

Consultancy itself is not scalable, the number of sellable hours are constant. The only way to make more money as an hourly paid consultant is to increase the revenue per hour. Which is only possible by increasing the quality and throughput of the services provided.
As discussed above, you can't increase your rates unless you can handle more issues per day while, at the same time, maintaining the required quality. You need to show customers that you can handle more issues than competition while still generating high quality results.

How can VulnIQ help you?

Automation is the answer to most of your problems if not all. Let VulnIQ monitor, collect and process data for you and provide you with a single source of information. Use the time, that you would spend by searching manually at ten different sites, to make your customers happier.
Instead of in-house developed solutions, let VulnIQ handle the development and maintanence of solutions for you for a much lower total cost of ownership.

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