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VulnIQ Reporting Application

VulnIQ reporting application is actually deployed together with VulnIQ engine web application and APIs but it is only available when using private instances. It is not available in the free version.

VulnIQ security analyzer, Terzi, can automatically push collected data to the reporting server. When running in agent mode, Terzi can periodically collect data and push the results to the reporting server.

You can use VulnIQ reporting application to:

  • View data collected by Terzi
  • Import and view third party scanner data:
    Imported third party results will be automatically enhanced with data from VulnIQ engine. This means that you will always see the latest information about vulnerabilities instead of what's included in the scan report.
  • View asset and vulnerability history:
    You will be able to see historical results, for example the list of vulnerabilities affecting a docker container 10 days ago.
  • Manage vulnerability remediation tasks:
    Collaborate with your team on remediation tasks.