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VulnIQ Information Engine

Do you still just "Google"?
Is Google still your best information source?
You Google for CVE-2018-8589, and it returns only 17,000+ results, you can review them quickly!
Relying on a single source?
You may be already paying for a feed.
If you wanted to buy other feeds or utilize other freely available data, how would you integrate all of them?
No automation?
You want to automate some processes but data is available in many different formats from many sources. Sources and formats keep changing.
Using VulnIQ information engine you can automate the collection and processing of information, improve your processes, save time, increase productivity and improve security.
Information is the key to success!
Not a Data Feed
Does Not Cost a Fortune
VulnIQ information engine is a software solution that aggregates data from various sources and make the information available through APIs. When using private instances you can fully customize it and add any compatible data source as you like.
It is not another data feed or a curated database, or something that will cost you a fortune.
  • Automatic data collection and processing
  • Unified API access to all data
  • Web UI
  • Available as fully customizable private instances.
  • Security Consultants : Save time, improve the quality of your reports, improve productivity
  • Enterprises : Improve processes, make your IT and security teams more efficient.
  • Security services providers : Improve quality of your services