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Emails and Mailing Lists

A huge amount of information lives in internal or external mailing lists, groups or even threads in your personal inbox. It is typically not possible to correlate this information with other systems. Emails can't be simply integrated with other systems.

Issues related to vulnerabilities and threats are discussed in public mailing lists, researchers or vendors post advisories on mailing lists. Even if you have subscribed for emails you have no way of integrating the information sitting in your gmail inbox with other systems.

Similarly things discussed in your corporate email groups remain disconnected from other data. It is not typically possible to integrate emails with other systems.

VulnIQ Solution

VulnIQ includes an email monitoring solution that can :

So you can, create a gmail account to be used for subscribing to mailing lists, configure VulnIQ to monitor that account, and have mailing list data integrated into your VulnIQ instance. Customization options are only available when using private instances. Saas version includes data from a set of public mailing lists which cannot be customized per customer.


Currently only Google Gmail is supported. VulnIQ uses official gmail APIs to connect to a gmail account. It does not require account passwords to be saved, it just needs an oauth token with readonly access.

In the future, support for Microsoft Office 365 accounts will be added too.

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