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VulnIQ Cyber Security Information Engine

VulnIQ collects, processes and correlates data from various sources and makes all data available via APIs and this web interface.

Supported data types include:

CVEs, exploits, vendor advisories, Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language (OVAL) definitions, CWE and CAPEC data, Threat data in STIX 2.0 format, git repositories, web pages, RSS or Atom feeds, emails, tweets, Github issues, and more...


VulnIQ provides APIs for all data and functionality. You must sign in to obtain an access token.
You can create bearer access tokens to call VulnIQ APIs.

You must send the token in the Authorization header. For example:
curl -v \
-H "Authorization: Bearer eyJzdWIiOiJXX0F..." \
Please note: You cannot send more than 60 requests per minute with a free account.
This web application is built on top of VulnIQ APIs and all functionality provided by this application is available as APIs. See API documentation for more information.

Terms and Conditions

Use of this service, is subject to these terms and conditions, the agreement last updated on 2021-11-25.
By using this web site and/or APIs you are agreeing to VulnIQ terms and conditions!
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