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Vulnerabilities, Exploits, Hackers, Cyber Security ...

How can you succeed against all odds?

VulnIQ provides an all in one solution for a low total cost of ownership!

VulnIQ Information Engine Free Version

VulnIQ Solution Architecture

VulnIQ solution architecture

VulnIQ Solution Provides You

Much better than you can find on the web. Vulnerabilities, advisories, code changes and much more.
You will not be leaking information while browsing the internet searching for information.
Customization Options
You can add data sources as you like, configure your instances as you like.
Integration Options
All data available via APIs. You can build your own integrations.
Vulnerability Scanning
Fast, reliable, and affordable vulnerability/security scanning.
Reduced Complexity
By using VulnIQ you will not need to use various single purpose tools.
Inventory and History
Scanner results will be aggregated and an inventory of systems and software will be created. You will have a history of systems and vulnerabilities.
Low Total Cost of Ownership
No user or usage limits.

Complete solution for a low total cost of ownership!

VulnIQ has a simple pricing model. You get your private instance and query as many times as you like, have as many users as you like. There is no user or usage based pricing.

VulnIQ information engine which collects and stores information is the core of VulnIQ solution.

VulnIQ engine collects vulnerability data from various sources and makes the data available via APIs and a web UI.

VulnIQ security analyzer, code named Terzi, can be used to run security scans on endpoints.

Terzi utilizes VulnIQ engine APIs. Terzi can upload collected data to VulnIQ server to be viewed using the reporting app.

VulnIQ reporting application can be used for reporting and managing vulnerability management processes.

You can view data collected by Terzi, import third party scanner results and manage remediation actions/workflows.